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Another cold? Oh come on!

Ok this is just ridiculous. I've got a second cold in two weeks. The last few days I've been fine - today, sweaty, bunged up, streaming nose - another bloody cold! Why?

OJ Finally confesses to murder.

At last, OJ Simpson has confessed to the murder he got away with back in '94. He's given an interview and written a book where he discusses how he "would" have done it "if he had" done it. It can't have been too difficult to write that book then - all he had to do was recount what he actually did. I mean seriously - is there a person alive that doesn't think OJ murdered his girlfriend?

First snow in the valley.

It's late this year, but we had the first valley snow last night. Not much - probably an inch or so, but it was the really heavy wet stuff so it's all but melted now. Temperature today is a nice 5°C

Yay - I'm *cough* nearly cold-free

Apart from a stuffy nose and this hanging-on-in-there cough, I reckon I'll be back to work tomorrow. Frankly, after a couple of days of daytime TV, I'm looking forward to it.


Today's the first day since - when - thursday? - that I've been doing something other than lying on the sofa. Remember that scene in Aliens where the marine is covered in alien mucus? That's been me for the past 4 days. Apparently I have post-viral bronchitis. (?) Either way, on thursday afternoon it felt like someone was kicking my head in. Today's the first day it's felt better, thanks in no small part to my best friend, Codeine :-) Mmmm. Codeine.