Showing posts from March 28, 2004
I'm amazed at how many people today are still discussing Google's prime April Fools joke yesterday. They "launched' Gmail - a new Google mail service. The description of it was basically Nirvana-mail. No junk, no spam, 1Gb of storage. It was so obviously a hoax that most people saw through it straight away. But TechTV, Wired and CNet are still plying stories about it today. Come on guys - it's an April Fools joke, don't you get it?
Topica have finally been called to task about their new spamming campaign where they infect everyone's newslists with spam at the top and bottom of every message. Apparently : "As for why the ads are being put at the top of messages -- as well as at the bottom -- Robinson and Meyer say such placement promises the best response rates." Whoever Robinson and Meyer are, they're idiots. They obviously don't understand that nobody ever buys anything from spam and junk email. Methinks their userbase is going to plummet.
Ho hum . Back in merry old Memphis this week. Then back to the office. Then out to Virginia. Lots of air miles :-)