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Chris & Paula do Victoria

As much as that sounds like a porn title, it's not. We just got back from 5 days in Victoria B.C. It was nice to be out of the office on a break, and we got to meet up with mum and dad who had just finished an Alaskan cruise. Victoria is a really nice place to be. I did consider giving up my job and moving there to become a harbour taxi captain. Seemed like a nice low-stress job :-) There was so much going on in Victoria harbour it was exhausting watching it all. Dragon Boat racing, water taxis, ferries and seaplanes coming and going. I think we'll be going back to visit again some time but not quite sure when. Definitely added to the list of nice places to be. Pictures, in case you're curious, are here .

Best Graffitti ever.

Found on the side of a building in England, the most surveilled nation on the planet. One camera for every twelve citizens. Nice to see that all those CCTV units have managed to keep the crime rate down. And by 'down' I mean 'highest in Europe'.

The Phelps 7th-gold-medal con.

I guess being sponsored by the official timekeepers of the Olympics has its perks. Phelps clearly didn't win that 7th medal of his against Cavic. The photo finish proves it. Yet somehow, his sponsor's equipment managed to have him touch the wall 100th of a second before Cavic. Even though Cavic's hands are touching the wall whilst Phelps is still swimming. It's amazing what sponsor power can do. Cavic on the right, touching the wall. Phelps on the left, not touching the wall: