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Picture is worth a thousand words. 'Nuff said.

It's here!

The Tiger is here. I get to pick it up tomorrow :-0 Meanwhile, the guy who bought my GS sent me a couple of photos of it loaded up for his trip back to Canada. Neat...

T minus 2 days

As in 'T' for 'Tiger'. It should be at the dealer on thursday, ready to pickup on friday unless I hear otherwise... I'm getting excited now.

Oh the Irony.

When talking to a Canadian acquaintance of mine about how difficult it is to get Americans to understand irony and sarcasm in humour, he said "Americans are actually very ironic, they just don't know it." Case in point: our new overlords. The printers here at work now print a header page for every printout, and at the same time, we've been ordered to use the secure shredder recycling bins for all paper we don't use. So 99.9% of the paper that goes into the shredder bins are the single-line header sheets that now come out of the printers. Ironic. And very wasteful. We waste 1 page in every 2 printed, and pay people to securely shred blank pieces of paper. If we didn't outsource the shredding, and didn't print the extra sheet, surely that would save money? My ethical training has me confused now :-)

Delta direct to Europe?

At last it looks like we're getting a direct flight to Europe from Salt Lake City. Although this morning, it now looks like flights - plural. Delta have said they'll announce within the next two weeks which cities they're going to fly direct to in Europe from SLC. Pity it's Delta. The direct flight is a fantastic idea, but doing it in 30-inch seat pitch whilst your luggage goes to Mexico isn't my idea of a fun time.


I've just become acquainted with Black, the EA first person shooter for the PS2. Holy snot. It's gun porn. Totally destroyable environments, great sound and graphics, immersive gameplay. The AI is a bit wooden but the rest of the game makes up for that. Smoke, dust guns, bullets everywhere. Stuff blows up properly when you lob a grenade. Glass breaks, doors blow apart. You can even chip away at the stone on corners of buildings to reduce the enemy's cover (or shoot out the metal plate they're standing behind etc etc). It's a hoot to play, and it makes all the other first person shooters on the PS2 look a bit poor in comparison. The good news is that it looks like they're doing Black 2 for the PS3. If it looks this good on a PS2, I can't wait !