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First snow of the season.

Whilst it's been snowing up in the mountains for three weeks now, we had the first significant snow of the season down low last night. An inch or so where we were - enough to slide off the roof and scare the cat :)

A rain day.

3cm of rain overnight, hail this morning, lashing rain and low-lying clouds right now. Ah yes. Winter is on the way, at last. The leaves are all changing colour and dropping on to the roads giving us a nice slippery mess, and the local Utah drivers are all behaving like it's the first time they've ever seen rain. There's a couple of guys over from Horsham this week and we went out to PF Chang's last night. I'd never eaten at one of those places before but the food was really good and it was in the sizes of portions you would expect for one person. ie. it wasn't mountains and mountains of the stuff. Not only that but we were able to book a table (the only place we've found in Utah where you can), and the food came at a good pace, rather than all being heaped on to the table while we were one mouthful into our starters. +1 to PF Chang's.

Nice autumn sky

My webcam photographed this a few minutes ago. Nice.

The Flying Gin Palace is ready to go.

It's been a long time coming but Airbus hand over the keys to the first A380 to Singapore Airlines tomorrow, with the first scheduled flight due on October 28th. Wow. It's finally going to start making money. We'll see if the Airbus gamble has paid off.

HL2 Episode 2.

Mmmm. Half Life 2 Episode 2 is available on Steam today. I know where the rest of my sunday is going :)