Finally the Americans get it.

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At last, the American bike market is starting to understand : sport bikes aren't the be-all and end-all of motorbikes. (and let's not mention that filthy HD company). I went to our local bike shop today and lo and behold, a KTM950SM and the BMW HP2 Enduro.
Sweet. So very very sweeeeet. Courtesy of the stupid little cellphone camera:


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Today's the day folks.
Word from the Pentagon is that 2,973 US servicemen and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. That means that from today onwards, George W Bush is directly and solely responsible for more American deaths than the 9/11 attacks.

Congratulations George, I hope you're proud. Every death from now on makes you a worse terrorist than those who attacked you.

TSA "humour" and who's getting rich?

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Those humourless goons at the TSA have displayed at least some comedy today with their revised list of permitted and non-permitted items in hand luggage. Particularly entertaining is this one:
Up to 4 oz. of essential non-prescription liquid medications and KY jelly
I guess the TSA are all in favour of the mile-high club then.
The real question though is this : in England, who is getting rich off the ridiculous carry-on restrictions? Only allowing "small" bags in carryon luggage is nothing to do with safety or security, so someone is making a lot of money off it somehow, somewhere. And I don't think it's the airports - they're suffering because they can't handle all the checked luggage, so the old adage about being on the same plane as your own suitcase is a fucking joke now. Especially at Heathrow. All the people I've spoken to in the last month who've travelled through there have lost their bags. I tell you what - the cynic in me says that this is part of some government plot for another engineered attack of some sort. Because they can't guarantee your luggage will fly with you, it ought to be a piece of cake to get a bomb into the hold of a plane you're not flying on now. I'm surprised none of the daily rags in England have tried this yet - they're normally well up for the challenge of making airport "security" look like the total idiots they are.

More lyrics

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Ok, here's a slightly more obscure one:

That's when I think of the moment,
She's the girl you came to know,
Taught me to dance to the beat of the moment,
The only way to keep your'self whole...

Artist and track title please.

Spot the lyrics, find the film

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A difficult one this time:

♫♫Woh Yaar Hai Jo Khusbhu Ki Tarah
Jiski Zubaan Urdu Ki Tarah
Meri Shamo-raat Meri Kaynaat Woh Yaar Mera Saiyyan Saiyyan
Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya

Find the song, find the name, find the film it was used in. We watched the film this weekend and it's a-w-e-s-o-m-e.......

Oh and the music isn't bad either.