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Tony Blair finally admits to being a warmonger

Well it took long enough but Blair has finally come clean about being a warmonger. Talking about Saddam and his WMD program that Blair and Bush made up, this is what he said to the BBC, verbatim: "I would still have thought it right to remove him. Obviously you would have had to use and deploy different arguments, about the nature of the threat." In other words he would have made up just about any bullshit story to support his desire for war. Now if only Bush would come clean and admit the same, the world might be able to get on with prosecuting the pair of them as war criminals.

Ultra chilly

We bested the previous lowest temperature recorded at our house last night - actually this morning. When I left for work, it was -18°C outside. That's just below zero Fahrenheit for those reading in old money. Yes, it's cold outside. Still - it's going to warm up towards the weekend - we're expecting temperatures much closer to -5°C by sunday which is when I'm hoping to go skiing for the first time since losing so much weight.

-15C again tonight.

We're in the grip of a monster cold spell tonight. The outdoor thermometer hit -15°C again tonight. The roads are sheet ice and the local power company just put out a plea for people to reduce their consumption because of massive demand due to the cold weather.

Why do companies use voice recognition on their phone lines?

I'll never understand why companies feel the need to use automated voice recognition on their phone lines. It doesn't work and all it does is piss off the caller. And with sites like , it's easier than ever to find the instant way around these stupid systems and speak to an actual human being. The airline ones are the worst - seconded only by bank ones. computer : "State the city of departure" me : "Dallas" computer : "I heard Amsterdam - is that correct?" me : "no" computer : "Would you like flights arriving or departing from Amsterdam?" me (stabbing 0 repeatedly) : "operator operator OPERATOR!!!!!!" computer : "Okay. Now tell me the flight number that is arriving at Amsterdam" me : " ? " The only thing that would improve is that would tell you how to speak to someone in the same country as you instead of a robot with a sc

I hate Microsoft.

Oh you knew that already? So why this morning? Well bloody microsoft bloody word bloody 2007. I've only just started using it and this bloody ribbon interface must have been designed by a blind idiot. Nothing is where you want it to be - nothing makes any sense, and trying to find anything takes forever. All I wanted to do this morning was add a bullet list - that's all. In old Word it was simple - click the bullet list icon. In the new Word? Well - just try finding the bullet list icon to start with. It's not in "insert" or "page layout" - the two logical places it would be. There's no drop down menus so I mistakenly tried the help option. It told me everything I already knew about bullet lists except the one critical thing - where the fucking icon is !!!!! For anyone in the same boat - here's a clue. There's two "paragraph" ribbons, or interfaces, or boxes, or whatever the hell they call them. One is on the "page layout"