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David Kelly, the government weapons expert, predicted that he would be "found dead in the woods" if Iraq was invaded, the Hutton Inquiry heard today. So he knew he was going to be seen off by the government long before his "suicide".
And the Sun have plumbed an all-time low. Extra extra, read all about it. Famous singer scratches arse.,,4-2003381966,00.html
Gigli continues its rapid plunge. Three weeks in its down to 63 on the box office takings list. There's 5 IMAX films taking in more money than Gigli and you know how few places and how infrequently those things show! It took in $18,702 over three nights. A drop of 97.2%. It's now showing in only 73 screens across the country. ( ) Maths time : 73 screens x 3 nights x 5 showings a day = 1095 showings @ $7.00 a head = 7665. A total of $18,702 means Gigli is still getting a whopping 2.43 people per screening.
This is rich. The US today asked (begged, actually) for more UN involvement in Iraq. Hmm. Let's see. The Bushmeister went to war on a lie, circumventing the UN and calling them "useless" and "a waste of space" and "the UN are ineffective" as I recall. Yesterday the UN lost its replacement for Kofi Annan in a bombing in Iraq - a bombing that wouldn't have happened if we weren't at war with them. And now Bush wants their help? I suspect then, that the US will probably be very surprised when the UN tells them to fuck off. I think what's even funnier is that the US captured "Chemical Ali" today. Wait a minute. We were told he was killed in a house raid in Tikrit back in April sometime. There wouldn't be lies and disinformation here would there?
Mystic Meg has joined the foray about astrology being bollocks. She's not done herself any credit: "OF course, I should have seen this attack coming – scientists love to discredit things they can’t explain. And, needless to say, it doesn’t take an astrologer to foresee that I totally disagree with these “findings”. " Erm. So if you knew this report was coming out, why didn't you publish a press release the day before it happened, not the day afterwards. I'll tell you why - because you're a fake, you old hag. You know it's all bollocks and you suck money from innocent people using underhanded techniques. You're nothing more than a con artist, and an unattractive one at that. If you're so clever, where were you on September 10th 2001 ? One last point : "scientists love to discredit things they can’t explain" ?? Explain what, exactly? Explain how your astrological 'predictions' are always 100% wrong? Granted, that takes some
And Lo, for the clouds did part and a glittering ray of sunshine came through. And deep sighs of relief were heard all around. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight.
Dayam. I know I don't like the French, but the weather is really jerking them around over there. After two weeks of record heatwave temperatures, they've swung the other way now. 85mph winds and 5 inches of rain have lashed La Grand-Motte in the Mediterranean region of Herault. Tens of thousands of households have no electricity in the Rhone-Alpes region after falling trees cut power lines, and two people have died under falling trees so far. Shee-it. And Good news at last for level-headed people everywhere. Just as you might have predicted, scientists have found astrology to be rubbish. ie. Russell Grant is full of it. The whole idea of astrology is that our human characteristics are moulded by the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time of our birth. You wouldn't think it would take a scientific study to prove this isn't true, but anyway.... For several decades, researchers have been tracking more than 2,000 people - most of them born within minutes
Kelly Ripa has confirmed her status as a grade A1 bimbo today. On the way to Montreal, she was apparently surprised when the customs official greeted her in French. She turned to her beau and said "Wow. It's like being in a different country!" Congratulations Kelly.
Priceless , absolutely priceless. Maintaining the degradation of society, Cauley Geller has announced a class action lawsuit against FirstEnergy Corporation, in connection with last weeks blackout. Seems "accident" has been removed from the American dictionary. More specifically, the complaint alleges, among other things, that FirstEnergy, in reckless disregard of industry practice: (1) failed to have a functioning alarm that could have timely alerted controllers to trouble with its power lines; (2) failed to cut back tree limbs that came into contact with power lines, which resulted in the tripping of the power lines; and (3) failed to maintain a failsafe system that could have separated the local system from the rest of the power grid. Let's see. Item 1 - the incident took 9 seconds. That would have to be some alarm. Item 2 - this is possible, but it had nothing to do with the blackout. Item 3 - well, this just demonstrates a total lack of understanding of how po
The global warming "experts" are at it again. ""...scientists now fear that the UK could face an abrupt switch to freezing winters and Icelandic summers. Leading global warming experts suspect that climate change, instead of being a gradual and largely predictable process, could mean that Europe's weather patterns will worsen severely with very little warning. At any time after 2010, their research suggests, Britain's average temperature could drop by up to 5C within as little as three or four years - with catastrophic results for farming, transport, northern towns and tourism...."" Well that's a shocker isn't it? Here's the deal, "experts". There's no such thing as "global warming". It's part of a 20 year cycle. Remember the winter of 1983 when we thought the world would freeze? Worst winter ever on record, and "experts" were warning us to brace for another ice age? Skip ahead 20 years - the w
Wow. We went to the Virgin Megastore in town today - it's been here since October and it's the first time I've been in. They've got all the bland, insipid guitar-rock that's so popular in America, but they've also got a couple of racks of real music - all imported DJs from England and Europe - Solar Stone, Paul Oakenfold, Hybrid, Ferry Corsten. Anyway, 60 bucks later, here I am with the newest Ferry Corsten CD and the newest Euphoria albums. Sweet Plus, they've got a great system in there to answer the argument of "why should I buy a CD if I can't listen to it first, and if I don't like it, you won't give me my money back" : they've got a good number of their stock MP3-ised in a scannable workstation. You take any CD to the listening post and scan the barcode. Chances are they've got it digitised, so you can listen to all the tracks first, before you buy it. 10 out of 10 to Virgin, and a big FUCK YOU to the RIAA. At least so