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Rained out :(

Poo . It was shaping up to be a great halloween - kids screaming, parents laughing, then it started raining and that was the end of that. The gag was great too - plenty of houses doing scares. We had four people doing the scare at our place, and when we were thick with kids, it worked brilliantly. The hispanics, especially, seem extremely easy to get a scream out of. Bill wore the wire suit from last year. Matt & Kim were psycho clowns, and I was the clown from the SAW films. We had three fake bodies on chairs along the front path, and I was the fourth. In twilight and after dark, people couldn't tell which, if any, were real, so when I jumped up, I got a good scare. But then it thinned out, and started raining, and that was all she wrote :(

Halloween is coming. Time for a scarin'

Halloween this year is going to be bloody brilliant. I've got stuff planned for the big scare that's better than anything we've done before. Plus five of the neighbours are doing big gags this year too. So if you're in Salt Lake City, get your kids down to 1800th East between 2100 and 2200 south this year. You won't be disappointed. Muwahahahahahahahahaaaa......