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I hate Change Request systems.

Bloody CR systems are the bane of my life right now. It seems every time something is discovered which is even slightly wrong, a CR gets stuffed into the system without anyone asking me. Then I get the same question asked by 3 different managers and 4 different engineers. I give them all the same explanation as the one I put in the CR system. What the Hell is it for if I'm the only one actually using it to try to communicate stuff back to the people who submitted the CR? I spend most of my time just closing and rejecting CRs now because they're repeats of stuff I've already fixed - in some cases stuff which was fixed over 6 months ago.

Bike mags

I was in Barnes & Noble this lunchtime, and browsing through the usual array of motorbike magazines, I came across one which was curiously different. TWO (Two Wheels Only) seemed to have far less adverts than normal, was a good size to hold, and had a great selection of articles. "Wow!" I thought. "Finally an American bike mag that gets it!". So I bought it and was just thumbing through it again a couple of minutes ago. Turns out it's actually a UK bike magazine - hence the size, quality of articles and lack of adverts. What threw me was the price was in dollars printed on the front cover. UK mags normally have an enormous bar code sticker slapped on top of the UK price with the dollar amount on. I guess this must be the US printing of the UK magazine. I just thought it was funny that out of the scores of bike mags, I managed to pick the English one :-)

Gran Turismo 4

At last! I have in my hands, right now, a copy of Gran Turismo 4. It's been a bloody long wait but I finally have it. It's mine. All mine. Hahahahahahahaaa. Well - it offsets the bloody miserable news from work, that's for sure :-(

HTML editors - why?

If you're reading this post, and you know of a good text-HTML code editor, please let me know. And by "good" I mean one that can use and interpret external CSS style sheets. One that doesn't pollute my HTML with all sorts of stupid tags that it "thinks" I should have. One that doesn't insist on using internet bloody explorer as its browser. You'd think in this day and age that somebody would have written a decent HTML code editor. But apparently not. At least not that I can find. Macromedia want a shedload of cash for theirs. NoteTab crashes when I run it, and Coffeecup doesn't seem to understand what a .CSS file is and seems to insist I ingest it into every file. Well - that would sort of negate the whole bloody point of an external stylesheet file, wouldn't it? I'll stick to using Textpad for the time being and checking my files manually - it's still the best way.

My favourite store is now online.

I discovered today that The Old Dutch Store here in Salt Lake is now online at

B*sh was a drug addict.

Well this certainly explains a lot. The tapes secretly recorded by a reporter when interviewing B*sh have finally aired this morning. Turns out he did marijuana and cocaine, and it seems he might also have done LSD. Nice. It explains his paranoid, warmongering, God-fearing, anti-science and anti-creatonism attitude. That's another reason to impeach him - do we really need any more? Lying about WMD. Lying about Iraq. Lying about 9/11. Lying about taxes. Lying about big industry. Lying in the election. Lying under oath, and now it turns out he's a drug addict. Come on people - how much more proof do you need?