Showing posts from November 30, 2008

Awful snow season.

I flew back home tonight and coming over the mountains there's just no snow. Well there's a trace, but nothing you could really call snow. The 10 day forecast just shows dry dry dry. We've lived here since 2001 and I've never seen it reach December without snow in the valley. Looks like my ski season pass might not get much if any use if this keeps up :(

Ah the joys of Margaritaville

..and a good balloon artist. We went to Margaritavill tonight after a long day on the booth. My nickname is 'clickmonkey' so the guys asked one of the balloon artists if he could whip up a balloon monkey. Sure enough....

Best T-shirt slogan of the week

Seen on one of the rigger's shirts today: It's all fun and games until somebody loses and eye, then it's freakin' hilarious.

Nearly there.

Two long days down, half a day to go. Setup is nearly done. All the equipment is working, all the demos are working, all the booth graphics are up. Now if only the cheapskates at the convention centre would turn on the air conditioning....