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The word is CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!

No. No. No, no, no, no. WalGreens - no. It is not "Christian Holiday". It's fucking Christmas. We drove past WalGreens on the way out tonight and their illuminated sign proclaimed that they are our Christian Holiday Headquarters. Jeeeeeeeeeesus. That's worse than last year's "Happy Holidays"! Look. It's really simple. If you're going to eliminate the word "Christmas" from your vocabulary, then you have to also get rid of "Hannukah", "Ramadan" and all the other religious holiday names. But DO NOT get rid of Christmas because you're afraid it's going to offend some other religion, then ram all those other religion's special days down our throats. It's all or nothing people. I'm an atheist and even I find it offensive that these fuckwits want to strike out one holiday because they're scared to death of offending someone. So listen up. It's not "Christian Holiday", "The Holiday

That would certainly explain it.

Pneumonia - sort of explains why I've felt so shitty for two weeks. As far as I can gather, it sort of went like this : I caught something on the plane back from England and fought it off without noticing. At this point my immune system was under attack and I got post-viral bronchitis - the nasty shit I had two weeks ago. I fought that off but it left my mucous membranes susceptible to bacterial infection so on the friday after that when I started to feel bad again (a week ago), it was basically the onset of lobar pneumonia. It's like a disaster movie. Anyway - went to the emergency medical centre today (the regular place was closed because of the holiday) and was diagnosed there. They gave me the option of 10 days tablets, or a shot plus 5 days tablets. I took the shot and literally within 15 minutes was feeling almost 100% better. I've got these nice pink azithromycin tablets to take for 5 days now. The doc said they're the 'nuclear weapon' of antibiotics, by

Chevy asked the web to come up with new ads...

.....and the web responded. Naturally, the results weren't good for Chevy, who are now getting all pissy about it and trying to have those ads removed. For the most part, they're pretty good. YouTube seems to have a lot and has a bunch too.

Delta Centre no more

Great. The Delta Centre has been renamed. Under a new contract, for the next 10 years its now called Energy Solutions Arena. Just to clarify, Energy Solutions are the nuclear reprocessing facility that don't think there's anything even faintly wrong with putting a nuclear waste and recycling facility only 70 miles upwind of Salt Lake City. It's already been nicknamed Energy Pollutions Arena. Still, I'm sure Larry H Miller made a mint out of it.

I really, really, really hate colds.

I feel like a complete wuss. I was off for two days last weekend with that stupid cold and now, despite my best efforts to think straight and stay awake, it looks like I'm going to be off again. I'm sitting ay my desk, coughing, barely able to stay awake. It's not like I'm even "properly" sick - I just feel like shit. I don't understand how so many people can take so much time off "sick" just at the drop of a hat.

Fewer periods?

Ok I know there's a drug for everything here in America but I've just seen an advert on TV for a drug to "treat the annoyance of periods". That's right - apparently if you're a woman, you can now pump your body full of chemicals designed to give you fewer periods. Now I'm not a woman, but even I can see that this can only end badly.