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The Fedex MD11 Tokyo crash

Sadly one of the most spectacular videos ever of a plane crash comes from Tokyo yesterday. The three bounces seem to imply the pilot caught a microburst off the end of the runway. I know they train for this and it's alarming that on the second bounce when he was nose up that he couldn't recover it. I suspect by that point all the cargo had broken loose and totally screwed up the aircraft weight distribution. Both the pilot and copilot died in the crash. Hopefully it was quick and they didn't have to suffer being burned or trapped.

Tipping well vs. not tipping at all

We ate out at PF Chang's last night and the waiter who served us was really great. He interacted with us a lot instead of just taking the order and bringing the food. He was amiable and efficient at his job - drinks were topped up without asking and in a timely manner, and the food was brought out well spaced out rather than all at once. We tipped him well because he did a great job, and that's my tipping philosophy. I don't just give 15% "because everyone always does". I tip from zero for appalling service up to 25% for really good service. Last night was really good service and he made us feel welcome at the restaurant. A lot of servers could learn a lot and increase their tip-earning potential by watching that guy.