This won't end well.

Mar 12, 2012 | | 0 comments |

You'd think that after American forces had been exposed for burning a copy of the Koran, and then last week for urinating on the bodies of dead combatants, that things couldn't get much worse wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. Now we've got reports of one, possibly more, US soldiers going house-to-house in the middle of the night last night killing sixteen people - between five and nine of which were kids - with gunshots to the head for no apparent reason, then piling the bodies into a room and trying to burn them. Reports are still sketchy at the moment but irrespective of whether this was a single person or a group, this can't possibly end well. As commander-in-chief, Obama is now responsible for this latest US military lunacy. This could all have been prevented if he'd just pulled everyone out of Afghanistan at the beginning of his presidency. Instead we're still emboiled in military conflict in countries where we should have no business. I'm sure America would react violently if they were invaded and the aggressors tried to force a system of religion and government on them that they didn't want, like or need. But when we do it the other way around, somehow everyone thinks it's just fine and dandy. Perhaps the middle east doesn't want or need democracy. Perhaps we should just leave them all alone to do what they want and only involve ourselves when they (and this is the important part) directly threaten us. That doesn't mean some goon with exploding underpants or a guy with flammable shoelaces trying to get on a plane. It means when they make a statement or action of War against the US, the UK or our allies. Now some of you will be saying "but that's what 9-11 was". Yes - and we've killed the ringleader of that operation but never addressed the country that carried it out - Saudi Arabia. Instead, Bush sent more kids to their death in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than were killed on that day in September itself, and Obama has since spectacularly failed to get us out of either conflict (special forces are still involved in Iraq).
We have an appalling record of military involvement in other countries and our shocking foreign policy is probably the single biggest reason so many countries hate the US and the UK. Frankly if we ever do get properly attacked, by missiles, air strikes or a Navy assault by a foreign aggressor, I'm sure our government would be surprised and shocked, but they would have no right to be. It should be expected because as long as we're continuing to occupy other countries, we're building up generations of hatred that won't ever go away. I doubt the Iranians have a nuclear weapons program, but if they do, and they do one day turn Israel into glass, we can all sit back safe in the knowledge that decades of failed foreign policy has finally culminated in the inevitable.