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We had a fun night last night - went to see the Stepford Wives. The evening was only marred slightly by the near-death experience on the drive home. We were minding our own business on a near-empty freeway in the second lane out. There was a car in front in lane 3, and one parallel with us in lane 4. At this point, a red audi comes sailing up lane 3 next to us, and once she's right next to us, indicates as she starts drifting into our lane. I thought we were about to be involved in a 4-car accident - I checked my mirrors and the lanes around me and had nowhere to go. In a snap judgement, the lesser of two evils seemed to be a crash from behind so I jumped on the brakes so hard I actually managed to override the ABS in the car. The guy behind us braked heavily and swerved over towards lane 1. The guy behind us in lane 1 braked to avoid that guy and ended up cruising the hard shoulder at 70mph. Meanwhile, the dappy bitch in the Audi just sails off up the freeway like nothing has
One in the eye for the global warming crowd : ice cores dating 740,000 years of weather patterns show regular warming and cooling in the earth's climate. 8 cycles in fact, and the planet is naturally heating up right now in the 9th cycle. In 15,000 years time, it will be in ice age again, and 15,000 years after that, the next group of tree-huggers will be worried about global warming again. Story here.
I'm glad I got in at the top while gmail account invitations were still pricey - I got $55 for mine. Now they're becoming widely available, you can't ebay them for much more than 5 bucks. I missed the $200 peak, but I got some cash.
You look at your neighbours in a whole new light...... When we took down the dead tree last month, we piled it at the kerbside awaiting spring cleanup. Seems one of our neigbours - most likely the one who was dumping his trash in our can - called the council and complained. They came around today and summonsed us. We have 5 days to get rid of the tree, oh, and SLC council have cancelled spring cleanup this year but decided not to tell anyone. So we spent an evening snapping branches into smaller pieces and binning them.
Wooooowwwww. The speed nazis back in England really are totally insane now. By the letter of the law, speedtraps must be identified with signs on the roads where they are used. But... A 71 year old man has been banned from driving for warning other motorists of a speed trap up the road and has been fined £364. Stuart Harding stood on the A325 near Farnborough with a sign saying "Speed Trap - 300 yards ahead". The over-zealous speed nazi, Sgt Sarah Cashman, confiscated his sign and booked him. So let's see. Isn't that trampling on both the law and the freedom of speech act? Surely it couldn't be another case of one law for the police and one for the rest of us could it?