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Please explain Spotify to me.

Spotify is one of the interweb's big mysteries to me at the moment. Every time I ask someone to explain it to me, all I get is "dude it's freakin awesome!". Ok but why? What is it that makes it so awesome? It seems to me like the Papa Murphy's of the music world (the pizza company that don't deliver, and when you pick it up, it's not cooked) Spotify seems to have a wide range of mainstream music that you can't own, and can't listen to unless you have an unlimited data connection (no cellphone company does those any more), are in range of wifi or have a hard-wired network. So you can't really listen to it on a motorbike. Or in a car. Or on a plane. Or in a train. Which to me seems - well - pointless? Plus, if you don't own the music you're paying for, then Spotify can pull an Amazon on you and just arbitrarily take away what you've paid for. My mp3 player on the other hand - 32Gb of music there, in the palm of my hand. 12 solid d