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Pandora radio is costing me a lot!

I discovered Pandora radio last week. Those who already know it will be rolling their eyes by now, but it's new to me so stick with me here. Basically, you seed it with a couple of pieces of music or artists, DJs etc and it creates a customised "radio" station that starts to spew out tracks similar to the seeds. You can rate each one as thumbs up or thumbs down to refine the algorithm. I'd say 75% of the tracks it has chosen so far are ones I already own, which is good; it means it's figured out quickly what my taste is. The other 25% have ended up as iTunes or Beatport purchases. Or acquired from, ahem, other sources if legal outlets refuse to carry them. Must go, just heard another track I need.

Freedom of religion. Yes. Your President said it.

People complaining about the proposed Muslim temple in New York being too close to 'ground zero' need to think for a moment. They complain that Muslims could use the new temple to plot another attack, and that it's too close to a site that has a lot of bad memories. Let's flip the table for a minute. How would you feel if you wanted to build a Catholic church a block from the Oklahoma city building, but were prevented from doing so in case another Timothy McVeigh were to use that religious site to plot another attack? Door swings both ways my friends.