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14,500 vertical feet.

Finally I was able to go skiing today for the first time since losing all that weight. Sounds obvious but holy crap! I thought skiing was fun when I was heavy. Now it's amazing! I could have skied all day - I just wasn't getting tired - but my knees started to say "enough is enough" so I called it a day after an amazing 14,500 vertical feet. Just to put that in to perspective, the most I've managed in a single day to this point was 13,500 vertical feet on the last day last year. Today was the first day of the season for me and I broke my old record without breaking a sweat. Can't wait to go again !

Oh dear

I learned on the radio this morning that 38 countries around the world have their own versions of So You Think You Can Dance With An X-Idol or whatever that dancing show it. 38! That's a lot of people with nothing better to do in the evening than watch has-been stars dancing with untalented members of the public. Or watch untalented members of the public dance with untalented singers? I don't know.... Either way it's a tragic indictment of the human condition that so many people are so lonely that there's a market for that show in so many places :-(

Boeing 787 webcast : yet another big bucket of fail.

I don't know why I thought this would be any different to every other webcast, but as expected, the Boeing 787 first flight webcast is another giant helping of Fail. Just like the Presidential inauguration, just like shuttle flights, just like every important even that is broadcast on the internet: billions of people tune in to see failed internet connections, failed servers, and video and audio that (when it comes on) updates once every minute. So from the constant black screen I have here, I can't tell whether the thing has taken off or crashed on the end of the runway in a smoking pile of burning composite material. I want to find the person who invented "webcasts" - the person who thought they were a good idea and who was deranged enough to think they could ever work, and punish them. They categorically don't work. They never have, and never will. They're a complete and utter waste of everyone's time and money.