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The Cheshire Ring

I'm back, and it was exhausting :-) 97 miles and 92 locks in 8 days at an average speed of 3.1mph. I'm blogging from mum and dad's house in the UK at the moment - don't get back home until sunday - but dad and I had a great time with one of his friends on his narrowboat. We started at Lymm 'marina' and boated clockwise around a series of canals that make up the Cheshire Ring, stopping off at various mooring points overnight along the way. The locks were hard work - especially the first 9 through the middle of Manchester, but it was still a lot of fun. You get to have very interesting conversations with people on the tow path when you're not going much faster than they are, and inevitably because of the locks and width restrictions in the canals, the pedestrians always got where they're going before we did on the boat :-) This was the boat, and the somewhat eccentric crew that manned it ...