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Total Recall? Aaahl Be Back? The jokes just write themselves now Arnie has won the governship in Californeye-ay.
Fab. The MediaMax CD3 software developed by SunnComm Technologies Inc. can be defeated on computers running Windows by holding down the Shift key , disabling a Windows feature that automatically launches the encryption software on the disc. Isn't that amazing? SunnComm spent tons of money on this particular copy-protection system for CDs, and it can be defeated quite literally with a single keypress. So anyone who has a BMG CD that is "copy protected" - this is the way around it :-)
Holy snot - Gates should hang for this one. Security experts are blaming known but unpatched vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer for the theft and distribution of the source code for Half Life 2. Someone used Windows vulnerabilities to hack into Valve, stole all the source code for HL2, and posted it on the web. Shit - if they ever find the hacker, he should hang too. Valve have spent - what - 3 years on this so far ? For Microsoft to have these security flaws is bad enough. For the holes to be big enough that some script kiddie can get in and steal damn source code? Valve should sue the pants of Gates for this one.