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Neat! Because our house used to be electrically heated, when the previous owners put a furnace in, they had to put it in the roof. Hence the basement has no registers. Hence in the winter it gets a bit chilly down here. I came up with a solution after examining our closet in the main bedroom - drop a furnace duct down through the floor and out into the third bedroom. Result ? $600 poorer and 5 hours later, job well done. Anyone in the SLC area I can recommend Manwill Plumbing and Heating. Pricey but the job was well done and cleaned up afterwards. Our third bedroom is now surprisingly warm given that the furnace has one more duct than it used to, and the hot air is being forced downwards 12ft.....
And we're off again. This time to Atlanta for 3 days. Back on wednesday when parents arrive from the UK for Christmas :)
Well that could be the end of TechTV. Paul Allen has put it up for sale and it looks like Comcast (AT&T) are going to buy it to "merge" it with their own G4 channel. For "merge" read "kill the competition". Corporate America is bastards.