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Forced accountability.

I saw this today and had to take a photo. Typical. Not only do they not have an disabled parking permit, they couldn't even be bothered to park properly. Well Z16 OCG - this one's for you. I'm sure the police couldn't be bothered with people like this but I on the other hand have no problem publicly displaying their incompetence and selfishness for all to see.

Best one-picture laugh of the day.

Made me laugh out loud.

Marching Morons comes one step closer.

No joke : so many people are walking into lamp posts because they're concentrating on texting on their cellphones that London councils are now padding the lamp posts to protect the pedestrians. There's an easier solution of course : pay attention to what you're doing instead of being distracted by your toy. This comes hot on the heels of making cars that are pedestrian-friendly in crashes, and campaigns to make drivers responsible for hitting inattentive pedestrians. Why, all of a sudden, are pedestrians no longer responsible for their actions? Padded lamp posts to cater for morons.

Here's an idea...

I can just see the management meeting at Microsoft: Manager: "For this new version of Office, we need to make sure it's 100% incompatible with all previous versions so that when someone saves their work, nobody with an older version will be able to open the file." All: "Oh bravo! Yes! Well done." Yes - I had my first exposure today to Office Vista, or Office 2007, or Office Crapware or whatever it's called. Someone sent me an Excel file saved in the new version and of course, our version of Office won't open the file. It helpfully told me I could install a "compatibility" pack to work with the file. So I downloaded that and installed it, and now when I try to open the file, I get "file format conversion failure". As best as I can tell, the "compatibility pack" is simply an advert to try to get you to buy the new version of Office: Fucking microsoft.

Nice to see our security guards are as bright as ever.

I'm so glad we have security guards at this company. They're so bright. The make the place that much more secure. Well - on paper at least. In reality, not so much. If they were doing their job, they would have caught the bastards who hacksawed the catalytic converter off Mike's Toyota last night. But no - sitting in a warm office seems to be the limit of their capability. Mike's now faced with a multi-thousand-dollar bill for a new cat.

Hacking t-mobile

Not ground-breaking news, but I've managed to "circumvent" the problem on my new cellphone so I can get full internet access again. Sweet. Google maps + GPS = neato.

Ooh la la

Goldfrapp seem to blow hot and cold. Strict Machine was amazing, but then they came out with a string of luke-warm stuff. Paula put me on to 'SuperNature' this weekend and Ooh La La is another piece of Electro heaven. The other tracks on the same album? Not so much. I did however find a bunch of remixes of Ooh La La. Mostly dodgy except for the 'Phones' remix which makes the album version even better. Sweet.