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Fireworks and franks.

We had a couple of friends over yesterday for our annual 4th of July thing. Simple hot dogs and hamburgers, salad and fixin's, followed by several attempts to set passing cars on fire with our fireworks and then the big display at Sugarhouse park which we can see from our deck. Nice.

PCLoadLetter? What the fuck?

Mother bitching suck! I had a total Office Space moment today. One of our printers got stuck in a loop asking to clear a non-existent paper jam, and to load paper into a paper tray that was already full. In the end I gave up. I just don't have the time to waste on badly designed hardware that's put here to prevent us from getting a job done. -1 to Xerox then.

Ah yes. The summer anthem is here.

As heard in A State Of Trance episode 355. The new Thrillseekers track called "The Last Time". Super summer-y. Super trance-y. Super anthem-y. ♫ The last time we touched, The last time you held me, My life had only just begun..... ♫

And you wonder why I hate the UK...

I kid you not. This is not a photoshop. It's an actual poster from an ad campaign where local UK councils are trying to make people aware of some of the work they do. They hope the posters (the other one shows a dog taking a shit on the pavement) will help educate people on what their council tax is spent on. Here's an idea. Get rid of 24 hour drinking laws and force these drunk retards to clear up their own mess instead of charging everyone else for it. And you wonder why I tell you England is broken. I bet this girl's parents are just so proud. Councils clear up drunk girl's vomit.