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Not rich

If you need any more proof that the Republicans are batshit crazy, and
care only for the rich, they're now claiming that a double income
family earning $250,000 a year are not rich. One Republican even went
on TV this week and claimed that amount was borderline poor. Wow. Talk
about being out of touch. This explains why they got their panties in
a twist at the prospect of the Bush tax cuts expiring. Where those of
us in the real world understand that a $250,000 income does indeed
classify as obscenely rich, the Republicans think that is middle
class. So whilst those of who are actually earning a real salary
understand that letting the tax cuts expire would be a good thing
because the rich would be forced to pay their way, the Republicans
wholeheartedly believe that it would affect "everyone in America".

Carl Wimmer

We have a right wing radical in the Utah state government who is
currently getting all manner of bills put in front of the house and
senate. For example he doesn't understand that in civilized society,
you don't walk around in public carrying a gun. He's working on
getting a bill through that would allow people around here to openly
carry guns in public. At the moment there is at least the class and
exam for a concealed carry permit meaning at least some procedure to
stop just anyone doing that. Mr Wimmer wants to get rid of that too.
Imagine people of WalMart walking around with guns in public! He must
think this is still the wild west of the 1800s.