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No sense of self preservation

It never ceases to amaze me how many motorcyclists around here have no concept of protecting themselves. I'm sure the t-shirt and shorts will work just fine when he comes off. The baseball cap will surely save his head too.... - I don't get it.

If I asked you, as a reader, to post your online banking user name and password in the comments below this post, you wouldn't do it would you? Yet tens of thousands, if not millions of people now use and their mobile app and I can't decide whether or not to try it myself. It's a finance aggregator service - gives you access to all your accounts in one place, can post alerts via email or SMS etc. Very handy, but the single biggest red flag (and it is a huge, flapping, Texas-sized flag) is that you have to give all your personal details used to log into banking websites, including secret questions and answers, login user names, passwords - everything. Mint goes to great lengths to try to explain how this is all safe and secure and how the connection they make with your bank is one-way, meaning it's a read-only service and that no transactions can be made with their software. That's fine, but they're still storing ALL my login information and if/