Showing posts from March 7, 2004
That was fun. We just got back from an ice hockey game - Grizzlies at home to the Mighty Ducks. We sucked - lost 1 to 4. But the most entertaining thing was the last 15 seconds. They came back from timeout after a 6-player fight, the whistle blew, and before the puck hit the ice, helmets were off, sticks were down and the entire team set into a slug-fest. It was a scream.
Wow. Al Qaeda are claiming responsibility for the train-bomb in Madrid this morning. That's unlike them to own up so soon. I'm with the Spanish on this one - I reckon it's ETA - those Basque separatists. The wrinkle in the ointment is the report last week of bombs being planted under the rails of the TGV network, which would seem to substantiate AQ's claims of "Death Trains". Nasty.
American Express - how do they manage it? I'd love to be able to use my credit card to earn points on my Delta account, but Delta only use Amex as their credit card partner. The problem is that Amex just isn't accepted for most things any more. Plus they want an annual fee (Christ! Aren't they getting enough in interest?). Plus they need you to pay off the whole account every time you're billed. So it's not really a credit card. It's more of a loan-shark. I see most other airlines have chosen to use Visa or MC - like any sensible company would. But Delta, the one I'm forced to fly with by my company (with their tiny seats and shitty food), use Amex. Brilliant. Just Brilliant.