Showing posts from July 13, 2003
Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick. The RIAA just won't let it fucking lie will they. Now they want to pass the ACCOPS bill in the senate that would actually make file-swapping a jailable offence! Jailable offence! While criminals are free to rape, torture, mug, kill, murder, steal and rob, the Fed wants to send us to jail for swapping files! Get a fucking grip, people. The solution isn't to jail people. The solution is to make CDs that people want at a price that's right. Not CDs full of crap for 18 bucks where 90% of the money goes to the record company. The whole story is here.
And so the coverup begins. The chap (David Kelly) who Blair said was the source of the report he lied to the world about (the fake one about Iraq having WMD) has been found dead. Seems MI5 were unavailable for comment. Looks like Blair is trying to cover up some loose ends and backtrack on his lie. Did I already mention he lied. Liar. Problem is, of course, that the internet has many many copies of all these reports that we can digest at our leisure so he can't get rid of all of them.
Good Grief. From the "Metallica have been smoking crack again" files comes the story today that they're suing any band that uses the E and F chords after one another. Apparently, because Metallica first used them in 1982, anyone using them since then is causing the public "confusion" because for some reason, we are all prone to believe that the E&F chords belong in Metallica songs. The whole idiot story is here. I guess Metallica didn't alienate quite all of their fans with the whole MP3 / Napster debacle, and decided to finish the job.....
Well , we're back. After a week in Las Vegas, at a slightly sweaty 114°F (about 45°C), it's back to the grindstone. While I was off for a couple of weeks, I re-jigged my sprinkler system. I don't yet know if it's going to work, but I've capped 20 of the old sprayer type heads and replaced them with three long-throw impact sprinklers (Milhouse sprinklers, for those of you into the Simpsons). Let's see if my grass will get greener.