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Mmmm. Dual-core hotness.

It took about 6 hours yesterday, but today, I'm running on my new PC. The most difficult part was imaging the old master IDE drive to the new master SATA drive, because I wasn't prepared to do a fresh Winblows install. The image went OK but then it wouldn't boot, so Jacob helped me through the recovery console to the fixboot and fixmbr commands. Then it booted but wouldn't quite load into Winblows so I ended up having to do a repair install. That worked quite well, and most of the rest of the time was taken up with Winblows Update bringing everything back up to speed. So now I have a dual-core 3Gb AMD 6000+ processor with 2Gb of RAM and a shiny new Nvidia 8600GT PCIx16 card. Sweet.

There's something you don't see every day.

A truck dragging a tree down the road escorted by three police cars. Amazingly, despite the lights and the obvious lack of traffic (we'd all pulled over), the white car in this picture and the red truck a bit further on, almost drove into the tree before realising it was there... Typical Utah drivers.

The cost of War : $1.6T - yes 'T'.

As in 'Trillion'. Full story . This picture sums up the contempt that Bush has for the people he's sent to be maimed or killed in Iraq. "Get fucked up in Iraq, get a T-shirt". And yes, it's a genuine photo. Here's the original on Reuters website. I don't like using the 'C' word, but in this case you can't help but agree that Bush is a total Cunt.

Batten the hatches - I'm upgrading!

Aaaaarr mateys. Batten down the hatches and secure your ears. This weekend will be filled with excitement, frustration and swearing as I upgrade my PC's internal hardware for the first time in over 2 years. New motherboard, new memory, new graphics card, new hard drive, new processor. Why? The new Quad-core CPUs just came out so the dual-core ones are dirt cheap. Memory is at rock bottom prices and I picked up a sweet deal on an Nvidia 8600GT. I know it ought to be simple but history has taught me that it rarely is, complicated by the fact that this time I need to clone my old IDE drive on to a brand spanking new SATA unit. All the goodies should be here on friday. Wish me luck !


The caturday / lolcat thing is getting pretty out of hand now, but there's still some good ones that come up from time to time. Here's a couple from google and fark this week.

Bloody politicians

I don't agree with what Google have done here, but I agree even less with the whining-baby attitude of the people who complained. Google changed their logo from Sputnik - celebrating 50 years of spaceflight - to a Veteran's Day theme because bloody politicians complained. First - it's a storm in a teacup, and second, Google is a worldwide brand, not an American brand and certainly not a GOP patsy. Conservatives claimed that it was "unpatriotic" to have the Sputnik logo. Full story This is part of a larger and more worrying trend - Bush and his cronies have hijacked "patriotism" in the same way they now instill the "if you're not with us you're against us" mantra. You know what - the most patriotic Americans are those calling for an end to the Iraq Adventure - those who want the soldiers brought home and out of harm's way. The non-patriots are the buck-toothed redneck cretins who support Bush and somehow think that this is a "w

Commercialism gone crazy.

I know advertising is rife in America, but you'd think they'd draw the line somewhere. Apparently not. I parked in the Gateway parking garage this afternoon to discover advertising on the painted lines between the parking stalls. Seriously - see for yourself. I'm not sure this qualifies as "drawing the line somewhere" though.