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Coalition casualties now only 1000 less than WTC deaths.

Here's an interesting number. The total number of coalition casualties in Iraq is now 1774. The number of people killed in the WTC attacks was 2749. That puts B*sh only 975 dead troops away from the Iraq war costing America as many lives as the WTC attacks themselves. In fact if you take into account Afghanistan as well, the total count is 1954 dead and 6624 maimed and injured. Those are some pretty impressive numbers for a revenge war based on a lie. Not nearly so impressive as the damage done in retaliation though. By an independent count, at least 65,586 KILLED and 168,134 maimed or injured. Nicely done Dubya, nicely done. You're now the most bloodthirsty President in American history. Congratulations. Your War Criminal Gold Cross is in the mail.

Blair is PM for another 5 years. Could it get any worse?

Good God. I cannot believe it. The apathy in the British public is just mind-numbing in its comprehensiveness. Apparently everyone has forgotten about Blair taking Britain to war on a lie. Apparently they've all missed the 58 new taxes. Apparently they've missed the fact that 78% of the country now live below the poverty line. Apparently they're ALL FUCKING STUPID! YOU IDIOTS! YOU'RE NO BETTER THAN THE BLOODY AMERICANS!!!!!! Blair says he will "focus relentlessly" on the public's priorities now. Thus implying that for the last 10 years he could have cared less what the electorate wanted. Leopards don't change their spots - Blair will continue to lie, cheat, raise taxes, cause more poverty and run the country like a dictator. Blair acknowledged that the Iraq war had been deeply divisive but he said: "I have listened and learned". Yes. He's learned not to be so public about his plans. Next time he'll just take us to war without tellin

And we called the Americans dumb for re-electing B*sh.

Oh well. Looks like another 5 years of tyranny, opression, fear, high taxes and wholesale rape of England too. It's not going to be a landslide by the look of it, but it seems Blair is going to win by a narrow margin. Similar to how B*sh won. And I suspect he'll consider it the same way : he'll think 1% is a mandate, whereas in fact it's a statistical error.

Cream cards!

Excellent news! Our green cards have arrived! Well - cream cards. They're not actually green, of course, but they are a work of art, covered in holograms and stencils and all sorts of other clever stuff....

UK Elections tomorrow

Well the moment of truth is upon us. Will we get a new government tomorrow, or will Blair's scaremongering and wanton bludgeoning of the populous result in another 5 years of his dictatorship. God knows the country is on its knees right now. Another couple of years under Blair and England will become a poverty-stricken third-world country. The horrendous thing is that all the polls make it look like he's going to win! So not only did scare tactics and a campaign of fear get B*sh re-elected, but it looks like the same is going to happen back home! Eeesh. Is there no common sense any more? Blair is a plundering, tax-raising, country-crippling populous-raping dictator, not to mention a spineless war criminal.

Jennifer Wilbanks - crazy-eyed cracker.

Seems that the spineless John Mason still wants to marry his runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks. Frankly, he should wait, because that woman needs to do a short spell in jail to make her learn not to waste everyone's time. OK people get nervous before their weddings. But there's a really big freakin' difference between simply not turning up, and phoning in to say you've been kidnapped. This woman clearly needs some time in a mental institution too. She's cried wolf now and this is bad on two fronts. First - if she ever does actually get kidnapped, nobody will believe her. Second, those people who have legitimately been kidnapped, will now be doubted until it could be too late. Not to mention that in this post Mark Hacking world, where gormless twats hack up their wives and claim they've been kidnapped, this UFO-eyed woman managed to get the police and feds looking directly at her hubby as a potential murderer. And after all that, would you believe he forgives her

Playing with webcams

I've been meddling with webcams over the last couple of weeks. The one in my office, pointing out across the valley, is now here : We did an experiment with a webcam at home this weekend too - setting up as a motion detector pointed at the cat flap then when we came home, we could see if Dory had been in all the time, or if she'd been coming and going of her own accord. It was kinda fun.