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Back to work

For a quiet day, at least. Still coughing a bit but I'm not ill enough to warrant another day of Gran Turismo 4 and daytime television. Cleared up a few emails, finished off the models for the NASA demo. Time for some more R&R at the weekend.

You know it's a bad day when...

You know it's a bad day, when
B*sh assigns Wolfowitz to head up the world bank
B*sh approves drilling for oil in the Alaskan wildlife reserve
The dollar reaches an all time low of $1.92 to the UK Pound
B*sh is discovered to have been planning to scuttle a UK plan to clamp down on illegal deforestation, because the US timber merchants can't be arsed to check where their wood came from.

All true, all happened yesterday.

Again a classic sign of the "President" ignoring all external advice and science. His own researchers have told him that the chances of there actually being enough oil in the ANWR to warrant fucking up the place is slim...

Smitten down...

Sniff sniff, cough, cough, hack.
Yes. I'm diseased again and spending quality time at home wrapped in a warm blanket watching daytime TV and typing in my blog...

Ho hum.

Back to work after a day off on friday. I needed a day off after the layoffs. They got rid of 56 people, mostly engineers.
It was carnage and those of us who are left are just in despair now. It's not as if we weren't over-worked before - now everyone is doing triple-duty. It's galling to see this happen yet no management got touched.
I'll try to keep up the blog entries again. The last week was so bad at work that I really had very little incentive or motivation to do anything I normally do. I lost a lot of colleagues and friends in this layoff.
On the bright side, though, I can now make a point in my resume of having survived 8 layoffs over three companies in 15 years. I guess I must be doing something right.

On friday we went to the Home & Garden show at Southtowne. It was a lot of fun. We got a burnished steel gecko for the front of the house, a bunch of hose connecters, and I spent more money than anyone should ever spend on a ladder. I kept seeing this Little Gia…