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Giving the kid a good start to life.

We were in Burger King for lunch today and the couple in front of us ordered a triple whopper with bacon and cheese (supersized, of course) for her, and a kids chicken nuggets meal for him. She was a half-ton woman-mountain and he was stick-thin so it sort of made sense. Until we realised that the kids meal wasn't for him - it was for the baby in the stroller that they had with them. By the estimates of the four of us at lunch, the baby was somewhere between 10 and 14 months old. Unable to sit up on its own, it was strapped into a high chair, and the behemoth of a mother was stuffing it full of chicken nuggets (shredded into mush) and mashed up fries, washing it all down with regular coke that she decanted into a sippy cup. Believe it or not, the baby actually went through a small order of fries and 5 chicken nuggets and the mother then started mashing up parts of her triple whopper for it. Holy. Crap. I was going to take a photo but my cellphone camera makes a 'click'

Why are supermarket baggers so incapable?

It's not that difficult. The blue, insulated bag with the silver lining is for cold and frozen products. Or food. Or both. Everything else goes in the green bags. Why is there soap powder, an onion, two marker pens and a box of cornflakes in my blue bag?