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Today is a day to celebrate.

My ongoing weight loss program (eat less, exercise more - duh!) produced a day to celebrate today. Since the end of May I have now dropped 52lbs. Or 24kg or 3.7 stone for those following along in old money. That means that this morning, I am now the same weight that I was when I left University in 1989. Essentially I've undone 20 years of weight gain in 6 months. THAT is reason to celebrate. I'm not that far away from my unofficial target weight now which is a flat 200lbs. I reckon, barring a complete disaster at Christmas, I can be down to that weight by spring next year.

Epic Fail

Dirty magazines have their place - I'm all for that. But perhaps not used dirty magazines. Like this place down on state street:

An early winter blast

It's snowing. And not just a little bit - a lot. The mountains are getting dumped on and we're seeing accumulation in the valley too. It'll all be gone in a couple of days but it's a reassuring sign that we still live in a ski state :)