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8 inches later.

After clearing the snow from the drive and paths twice last night, I had to do it again this morning. We had about 8 inches out of that storm front, but it's quiet at the moment. We had a huge power bump last night, so thinking what happened three years ago, I went out and bought a Mr Heater portable propane heater this morning in case we suddenly find ourselves needing emergency heat. I did the "pick up in store" thing at Lowe's again. This time, unlike when I had the misfortune of interacting with the double-E sisters back in 2003, it went super smooth. The item was there with my name on it at 9am.

The snowman cometh.

I set my webcam to 15 second interval just before lunch to catch the cold front and ensuing snow storm. This is what it saw. You can actually see the cold front swirling in front of the storm front at it moves over they valley. How cool is that? This is what it looks like from a driver's point of view, hence my point about snow tyres yesterday:

And the new colour is....

For the longest time, the walls in our office hallways have been this odd, off-colour, frothy cappuccino whitey-brown colour. I'd assumed that this was because they've not been painted any time in the last 18 years, and so the original vibrant colour had faded somewhat. So it was with great personal enjoyment that I saw the paint crew setting up last night to finally freshen the place up. Except when I got in this morning, the new paint is the same odd, off-colour, frothy cappuccino whitey-brown colour. It doesn't look any different. WTF?

Snow tyres

So I've caved in this year and bought snow tyres for the Element. What a difference. I got a chance to try them out this morning and they're just amazing on the fresh snow / slush that was on the roads. I'm a total convert now :-)

Great t-shirt slogan of the day.

Seen on a truck driver at the loading dock this morning : Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

Let it snow...

Snow for the morning commute. Gotta love it. Although this morning was brilliant. I turned out on to 21st south and there was zero traffic. Nothing coming towards me, nothing going my way. In fact I didn't see another car until I got almost all the way to the office. That's great! It means I can drive in the snow (which I love) without worrying about all the other idiots.

A brief interlude

Good news: it finally snowed. Saturday morning was starting to look like more weathergirl BS until about 10am then it unloaded on us. We got about 6 inches where we live. Saturday night to sunday morning we got another 3 inches or so, followed by a warm, sunny 1°C afternoon. The temps have dropped again now - it's about -5°C today and we're in a pause before the next round. This means sunday this week will be my first ski day of the season :)