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Ching! 800 dead US service personnel in Iraq :-(
This is an interesting turn up. Rumsfeld could be sentenced to death for signing off on mistreatment of prisoners, as per a 1996 Congressional act. Better still, the entire Bush camp could be prosecuted for war crimes by the very same act. MSNBC has broken the story here.
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A Roadside bomb exploded in Iraq today killing the leader of the Iraqi Governing Council (head of the new government), and releasing a minute amount of Sarin gas. So the press wires went mad with "War Justified" headlines. Quite apart from the fact that it was such a miniscule amount it couldn't have come from a lab, and that you can find hundreds of pages on the net explaining how to make sarin......... This is not justification for the war, and proves nothing you idiots. In lighter news, Spitting Image is making a comeback on ITV. Sweet. In darker news, a tech grad student today discovered that every Diebold voting machine uses the same encryption key - every one. It's the same key used to test them in the lab. Where hundreds of people had access to them. They never got changed. D'oh.
22.5 miles to go... Burt Rutan's Spaceship One reached 40 miles in altitude this weekend. At 62.5 miles, he's technically in low earth orbit. Doing it twice within 2 weeks and he wins the X-prize. So close......