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Middle east escalation

Things are going from bad to worse. B*sh has demanded Syria pull out of Lebanon, and vowed to support Israel should Syria and Iran double-team in the middle east. Am I the only person that can see the escalating problem here? Clearly B*sh doesn't see the irony in telling Syria to remove troops, adhere to UN resolutions and stop influencing other countries with military power. Pot, meet kettle.

The end of the BMW saga

Result! I went to BMW of Salt Lake last night to meet with the store owner. We sat and talked for about half an hour about all the problems with the bike and at the end of it he gave me a cheque to cover the cost of the repairs to the engine that I'd had to have done. The owner (Mike Clark) is a top guy - he admitted they'd made the mistake of not putting the bike through it's pre-owned bike check, and admitted that if they had, they'd likely have found enough evidence of the dirt and grit in the wrong places to have gone in and looked at the engine proper. And if that had happened, the bike would never have been sold to me.

Trouble in the middle east.

"President" B*sh yesterday extended all active military duties to 2034, on top of cutting vet benefits etc. He's doing the backdoor draft. Meanwhile he continues to be totally blind to the Grade-A royal shitstorm he's created in the middle east. The Tehran bombing yesterday could have been one of 4 or 5 suspects. America has already blamed Syria and is pulling all its diplomats out. Well - they didn't wait for a weapons inspector report on Iraq so why bother waiting to find out if Syria was behind the Tehran bombing? F*ck it - just bomb them anyway. Iran has stepped up and said it will support Syria "in any way necessary" should the US get aggressive. Meanwhile, B*sh has pissed off North Korea by again refusing to get into nuclear disarmament talks with them, and is continuing to spy on Iran's nuclear capabilites. Israel waded into the fray this morning and said Iran was only 6 months away from having the bomb. That sounds like the "imminent d

B*sh shows more of his true colours.

In a deft move to continue to prove what an asswipe he is, "President" B*sh is fighting his own country's war veterans now. You see a group of American pilots who were tortured, beaten and abused by Iraqis during the 1991 Persian Gulf War were awarded nearly $1bn in damages in 2002, to be paid by Iraq. "Ah but," says B*sh, "today's Iraqis are the good guys - Halliburton their country needs the money, not you." So as well as slashing veteran's benefits, hiking the cost of their healthcare, and continuing to seen American children to their slaughter in Iraq, he's now fighting to prevent them getting the money they deserve from torture too. Yet under American direction, Iraq has paid, for "lost profits": $18 Million to Halliburton $3.8 Million to Pepsi $2.6 Million to Nestle $1.6 Million to Shell $321,000 to KFC $189,244 to Toys "R" Us I'm sure they're all worth a lot more than the people in the miltary, or the wa

Cat with collar, day 4.

So far so good. Dory still scratches with her back leg every now and then but she's a lot less aware of the collar. This weekend, we try adding the name tag! (yes, really it's that exciting).