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Hope tries the just-out-of-the-shower look.

Our local Fox news anchor, Hope Woodside, tried on a new look last night. 'Just got out of the shower' hair with a low buttoned white top almost showing cleavage. Now I like Hope - a lot - I think she's a babe. But given that I live in Mormonia, I'm sure someone will have something to say about this. Most of the days she gets it just right but she does occasionally have some way-off days when it looks like she's pissed off the makeup lady. You can tell those days - her rouge or blusher is a radioactive orange. Either that or the camera operator lost control of the colour.

Blind drivers

I know most people who have never ridden a motorbike think they're great car drivers, but they're really not. So Idaho plate EGT 4519, thanks for not stopping at your red light before turning right, and thanks for changing lanes in the intersection just to get in my way. You only broke two laws and nearly caused one accident. If you'll note, my light was green and I was moving long before you drifted out into my way. So this is for you:

That's quite a forecast.

For my friends back in England, Holland and Italy, here's what we're expecting for the next 10 days....

Made me laugh...

I know some people just won't think this is funny but it made me laugh out loud. The new approach lights at London Heathrow :

Wag the dog.

Recession. Despite the fact that the economy is deflating, as oppose to popping, the media have decided that America is now in a recession. Not that this will in any way affect the actual financial situation. I mean surely people won't stop spending and cause a global recession just because the media says it's so. Oh, and for the Americans reading this, that's sarcasm. The real problem was the idiocy of the banks giving super high interest loans to people with crappy credit. For the most part, that sort of business decision normally results in people being fired or jailed, but apparently the banks thought it was a wicked cool idea and ran with it. Thanks guys.

Choo choo!

C'mon ride it. We watched Psych this weekend and they had a flashback to one of the characters at a 90's disco. The music they were playing was C'mon 'N Ride It by the Quad City DJ's. I've not heard that track for over a decade and now I've got it stuck in my head. Thank heavens for the slightly shadier mp3 sites where the licensing issues are a bit sketchy. For 15¢ I now have the mp3.

Mormons in the snow.

It's amazing how much less road noise there is from the tyres when you're driving in 25cm of fresh powder snow. Sadly, it's also amazing how many of the locals have forgotten how to drive in the snow - after all, it's been over a week since it last snowed properly. I was stuck behind some retard this morning who didn't seem to understand that you can't drive a rear-wheel-drive sports car up a snowy hill. Why he didn't stay at home or get someone else to take him where he needed to go, I don't know. But last I saw he was still fishtailing around the intersection at the bottom of Sunnyside, whilst everyone else drove past him. The problem is that the snow plows haven't been out - I suspect either because it's Milk day, or because they're trying to keep the motorways clear. Either way, all the streets in town are a total waste of time right now.

9,170 vertical feet.

Colour me chuffed. The snow was perfect for me today. So good that I ventured off on to another couple of blue runs that I've not done before; Tude Dudes, Home Run and Postcard. Better still, I managed to come down Broadway off the top of the Summit lift without any big hassle. Pleased? Moi?