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Rediscovering old memories

So here I am ripping old CDs into iTunes and what pops out of my collection? Two CDs by Propaganda. More important to me, one of them has 'Abuse' on it - the into music used in Some Kind Of Wonderful. Ahhhhhhhh. Must watch that now - I've got it on DVD ....

It's wrong to laugh but this is actually funny.

Wait now what was I supposed to remember... ?

How many shoes?

I just watched a little online ad for Souls4Souls - an outfit that provide shoes for children in poorer countries - and at the end of it there was a three-question survey. The last question was "how many pairs of shoes do you own?". The available answers were (1-2), (2-4), (4-10), (10-40), (40-100) and (100 or more). 100 or more? Apart from Imelda Marcos, who owns more than 100 pairs of shoes? I'm in the 2-4 category - 3 pairs of trainers (1 of which are my junk pair for gardening) and one pair of more presentable shoes.