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Mow, mow, mow your boat.

Well your lawn at least. The warmer than usual winter has led to the lawn sprouting early this year. I've upgraded to a self-propelled mower and gave it a test mow this morning. It's a damn site easier than my old mower, that's for sure. I found a photo last night whilst looking for something totally unrelated, and it showed the lawn three years ago, all bug-ridden and dead. I hope we can stay on top of it again this year and keep it looking good.

Lyrics to make me flashback.

Wow. I put very little stock in the lyrics for any music, but these are from a new track by Filo & Peri called Anthem . ♫ This is an anthem for the girl that got away, This is an anthem for the world of yesterday, This is an anthem for the rebel of my youth, This is an anthem for the risk of loving you. ♫ The track has a full-on 80's feel to it but brought right up to date in Trance.

Does nobody else see through this whole British sailor thing?

You know the last thing we needed was to have British sailors taken hostage in Iran. I mean that would be a trigger point for Bush to invade wouldn't it. It's so much of a coincidence that I suspect in truth there's no coincidence to it. Blair probably sent them into Iranian waters to be captured just so Bush would have his excuse. I would put nothing past those two any more.

We're back.

Well we're back from our whistle-stop tour of England. Been back to see the friends and relatives. It was exhausting. We're the ones who flew 4000 miles to the UK and then we had to drive everywhere to see everyone. :-) England was typically England - nothing worked. Moving walkways in the airport broken, as usual. Took an hour to rent a car in between them not having one and trying to charge me 40 quid more for an upgrade I didn't ask for. Even then the car was shite and I had to take it back and swap it for something else. Drove around for the whole week with sunglasses on my head just in case. Never needed to use them. $120 for a pub lunch for three, $75 for 3/4 of a tank of petrol. $18 for two Whopper meals. I simply cannot comprehend how anyone manages to survive there any more. Still, the sunny side was that we got to see everyone we expected to, and some we didn't. Everyone was healthy and largely happy which is good and it was just a shame we didn't have th