Showing posts from July 27, 2003
Hussle hussle hussle people. It's nearly the weekend. I'm going to try to lift my spirits this weekend by messing with (a) the motorbike (b) the house (c) the garden and/or (d) all of the above. God knows I need something to take my mind of all the crap that's flying around at work :(
All right! Pacific Bell have sent a big 'fuck you' to the RIAA and blocked their subpoenas asking for subscriber information. Even better, they're suing the RIAA in retaliation. ! The story is here.
Good grief. US Telemarketers are now sueing the government over the national do-not-call list, saying it will cost up to two million jobs. And...? Nobody likes those retards anyway. They're the lousiest bunch of inbred carbon-based lifeforms that grace the face of our planet. They're an abherration of evolution, and frankly, if there are 2 million of them, they should be collectively shot in the back of the head to a round of "Praise to the Lord."
Here's a shocker. Liza Minnelli and her fourth husband, producer David Gest (the alien guy), have separated just 16 months after getting married. Yawn.
Way cool. My Blue Man Group DVD arrived on saturday. Sure there's no video, but the benefits of a 5.1 channel DTS-encoded soundtrack of their show ---- amazing! Plus, I got the light bar project completed on my bike too. Now I have two portable suns to light up the road at night.