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The two sides of customer service.

My wife today tried to get some help from a couple of stores to find a product that has been out of stock for a while. At Rite-Aid, the response was largely "go screw yourself" whilst at Albertsons (Fresh Market), the response was "certainly, we'll see if we can special order that for you". The two stores in question are right across the street from each other. Guess which one we won't be going back to?

Sleuth, hunt, dig, search - bingo!

I'll be damned. A Piece of music I've been looking for for nearly two years finally popped up today. I hit the right search terms and headed off into dicey .ru domains. I ended up on - I'm sure a totally legit site (!) and there it was - John 00 Fleming vs The Digital Blonde - Nine Inch Nails Dub mix. Bugger me sideways with a splintered bargepole. Not only did it link to a working download but the resulting file was free of malware and viruses (a direct MP3 download) and it was encoded at 320kbps. So why is this amazing? Well I've been hunting for this particular bootleg since late 2008 - it was never officially released by JOOF (John 00 Fleming's) label because it was a bootleg. Every couple of months I hit google for a couple of hours trying to track down a copy and tonight I hit paydirt. I'd quite happily pay for this but it's not on iTunes, DJDownload, Beatport or any of the other regular outlets. Tick that box - another gap in my collec


Well I got back from my holiday on Saturday and very nice it was too. A Couple of weeks pootling around the canals Oop 't North was quite relaxing. The flight back was interesting though. Because of the continuing volcanic ash, they swapped the scheduled Boeing 757 for a Boeing 767 and ran it half empty so they had the range needed to fly around the ash cloud. And what a detour it was. You know things aren't going well in aviation when planes take off from the UK heading for America and go east. Yes - we went over the north sea, then up to the east of Iceland, over the northern-most area of Greenland and then directly south over the great lakes to Chicago. It added nearly 3 hours to the trip but American Airlines' logic was impeccable - better to run the service and miss your connection than cancel the flight completely. As it happened I was scheduled to have a 6 hour layover in Chicago. By the time we got there, with the ground delay in Manchester and the longer flight, m