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Wow! The new Netscape (7.1) and also Mozilla Firdbird both have built-in popup blockers. Netscape has a list of "pre-approved" sites that it lets through, but a quick click of the "remove all" button solved that problem....
This is pretty neat. Because of the RIAA, the file-swapping companies are now making military-grade encryption part of their software. They're using re-routing technology and packet bouncing to mask the IDs of their users. Combined with the number of people signing up to new ISPs with fake names and address, I suspect the RIAA are again in trouble. And in a true display of humourlessness, the parents of Star Wars Kid are now suing for $160,000 damages because the world laughed at their fat, inept, totally hilarious kid. I hope they not only lose, but that the internet manages to make complete fools of them in the process. It was funny, okay? Laugh with the rest of us you sad, lonely, humourless hacks.,1284,59757,00.html
Good grief. As much as I love living in America, a great many of the people here don't do much to alay the widely held belief that Americans Are Stupid. Now they all think that Iraq planned 9-11, and have conveniently forgotten about that pesky Afghanistan thing. What makes more interesting reading is a site that alleges that Bush not only knew 9-11 was going to happen, but that he did a lot to make sure it did.
Bob , Kerry and I went out for a long blast on the 'bikes last night, up to Monte Christo. It was awesome. They're both on sport bikes, and I'm on a BMW R1150GS - a super traillie - and I was easily able to keep up with them as we hooned around the corners over 70mph up to the peak (over 9000ft?). The ride back was interesting. For the first time in 6 weeks, it rained in Salt Lake City, and we could see the storm from 20 miles away. The lightning was pretty amazing and somehow I managed to only get a couple of spots of rain - I missed the main downpour by about a minute. Sweet.
In another brilliant PR move, the Music industry (RIAA) is now suing parents, grandparents, and roommates of file swappers. It seems that they're not satisfied with alientaing themselves from the music-buying public. Now they want to ensure everyone in America understands what a collection of lunatic wankers they are by suing everyone who even knows someone who might have downloaded music over the internet. Clearly, they just do not understand that they will never win. They're using supreme court lawyors now to extract subscriber information from internet service providers. This brilliant plan doesn't account for one simple truth : people will now start giving bogus information to their ISPs when signing up, thus proving once again that the RIAA are such a dishevelled bunch of morons that they could find their arses with both hands. RIAA : use common sense! Give people cheaper CDs. Put stuff on them that we want, not shitty clone music where you have to buy an entire albu
Great site. A laugh a minute, and increasing evidence of the ineptitude of someone very powerful.
Newsflash : Uday and Qusay, Saddam's sons, have been confirmed dead after a fierce firefight in Mosul. I bet that's going to piss him off.
There was a great Formula 1 race this weekend at Silverstone. It's totally jumbled the scoreboard because of a couple of incidents. The most memorable was the crack-smoking bible-bashing Scotsman who scaled the security fence and got on to the track, running towards the cars on the racing line. The only bummer was that he didn't get hit and sliced in two. Somehow, they all managed to avoid him. Just once I'd like to see one of those retards get his comeuppance live on TV, in a gory, bloody fashion. That would teach them the ultimate lesson in bad judgement. The incident could not have come at a worse time for the Silverstone authorities. They've been fighting to hang onto the British Grand Prix in the face of severe criticism from the world governing body who have attacked the state of its facilities and traffic access. Not bloody surprising. It used to be a farm road access, until the government ponied up the cash to make better access roads, but Silverstone itself s