Halloween kitties

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For those still on the fence about the election.

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Some points to note about John McCain:

He finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class.
He left his first wife after a severe disfiguring car accident, when she no longer measured up to his standards.
He met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was still married.
His second wife is not only addicted to pain killers but also acquires them illegally through her charitable
He was a member of the Keating Five? (the five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s)
He can't read from a teleprompter?
He has military experience but it includes discipline problems, a record of crashing seven planes, and a refusal to be granted a command position because of his temper.
He is known to display publicly, on many occasions, that same serious anger management problem.

We don't need no thought control.

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Great remix of Floyd's classic, and a great video. Sure I'm 18 months late, but what the hell. Enjoy:

Greed, or no greed?


I've become a bit partial to Deal or No Deal in the last few months and never ceases to amaze me how greedy people are. Last night for example. $1, and 2 $1,000,000 cases left in play, and with an offer of $690,000, the guy turned it down. He eventually left with $1.
I'm sure it's very different if you're up on stage playing the actual game, but $690,000 and no deal? WTF?

The "convenience" fee.

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We received our annual property tax bill yesterday. I was going to pay it online but I noticed the small print: A 2.5% convenience fee charged for credit card payments.
Doesn't seem very convenient to me.
So let me get this straight. To save them the time and expense of processing a cheque, the associated paperwork, the postage-paid envelope and the cheque cashing fee, I have to pay them even more? Seems to me that should be a 2.5% discount for paying with a credit card.
Ho hum. A cheque it is then.

No way.

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I can't believe this. My old drinking partner from University has tracked me down and got in touch via social networking site. Unbelievable. Christ I hope he replies to my email. I'd love to get in touch with him again.

Bodyworlds. Makes you think.


Paula and I went to the Bodyworlds exhibition at the Leonardo this morning. Creepy to think all those people were once living, breathing, you-and-me's. Amazing exhibition, and really thought-provoking. Especially the examples of various diseases and afflictions, and what they look like inside you.