Name that tune.

Oct 13, 2007 | | 1 comments |

Hmm. Seems the last lyrics test was a little too obscure.
Here's something marginally less obscure.

Title and artist(e) please, then download it and play it loud, coz its wonderful electric.... :-)

I get high on a buzz
Then a rush when I'm plugged in you
I connect when I'm flush
You get love when told what to do
Wonderful electric
Wonderful electric
Wonderful electric
Cover me in you...

Scanning in old memories.


I bought a new scanner last weekend with a view to finally scanning in all my old 35mm negatives, to bring them into the digital realm. It's been quite the eye-opener going back through all the old pictures. The scanner's doing a bang-up job and the resulting pics are nowhere near as spotty as the ones I was getting out of the old film scanner.
If you're lucky I'll post an old pic of me with h-u-g-e hair.....



Behold the power of our local TV station's car ads. I put the scooby up yesterday and noon, and now, it's gone.
I guess I'd better find a replacement quick :)

Time to sell the Scooby :(

Oct 12, 2007 | | 0 comments |

The time has come, then, to sell the Subaru. We're looking at a Toymotor Yaris for Paula - smaller car, newer, much better gas mileage. The Scooby just isn't being used like a Scooby should be. We've got a couple of cars lined up to look at for buying, but the dealer lowballed us way too much on the trade in last night and wouldn't come up any. So we're going to try craigslist and the KSL ads and see what happens.

Pedestrian culling.

Oct 11, 2007 | | 1 comments |

We saw this on the back of a bus yesterday and I took particular offence to it. I absolutely do not hold with the common myth that it's always the driver's fault when a pedestrian gets hit. Especially in the case of the example they've chosen on this poster. If some idiot pedestrian wanders across the road without looking, concentrating on their iPod or cellphone, and they get hit by a car, it's called Darwinism. The argument is always "as a driver it's your responsibility to avoid an accident." That's true, but as a pedestrian, it's their responsibility to not jaywalk into the road like a total cock and get themselves killed. You simply cannot levy all the blame on the drivers.
This sort of advertising just persists the arrogant attitude that as a car driver, we're responsible for everything bad that happens to pedestrians. You know what? By the logic implied in this advert, I could drive on the sidewalk and mow pedestrians down left right and centre and it would be their responsibility for me hitting them.
Of course that's a fallacy - the sidewalks would be empty in real life because all these morons are wandering around in the bloody traffic!
Now if that poster had said "hang up your fucking cellphone and concentrate on actually driving", I would be totally in favour of that.
The real problem here is that putting a poster like this on the back of a bus assumes that it will be read. That's a faulty assumption given that 99.99% of drivers can't see any further ahead than their own windscreen.
Oh and before anyone gets all high-and-mighty trying to take the moral high ground about me taking a cellphone photo whilst driving, you'll notice it's taken from the passenger seat, by my passenger, and we were stopped which is why we're so close to the bus.