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Wesley Clark. Hmm. If only I wasn't a resident alien, I could vote...... The Christmas lights are up. Suhweet. Just in time too. According to Fox, we're going to have a helluvalotof snow on saturday. We'll see....... Oh and have taken to anti-presidential censorship. A lot of the entries in the photoshop for "recurring nightmare" had to do with Bush'04 and the pres in general. And most of them have been taken down.
That ugly bitch Paris Hilton claims that the sex tape currently doing the rounds might help her career. She's been quoted as saying that Madonna was a nobody until the nudie pics came out, and that perhaps the same change of career awaits her (Paris). Well you skinny little runt. First, you need to be attractive. Second, you need a talent, and to be famous for something other than doing nothing. Third you need a brain and finally, a personality doesn't go amiss. Being an ugly, lazy moron with the personality of a 2-by-4 doesn't cut it. Oh - one other thing - Madonna has talent, and was pretty famous long before Playboy published the grainy black and white photos.
Guess the all-too-obvious outcome of this conversation: Me : "are all your machines up to date with that blaster patch thing?" Him : "yep no problems there"
And in the continuing parallels being drawn between the US and Germany in the run-up to WWII, the Pentagon asshats didn't do their homework again. Operation Iron Hammer -- the name of the U.S. military's current crackdown on Saddam loyalists -- was also the name of a Nazi WWII campaign against the Soviets. "Eisenhammer," the German for "iron hammer," was a Luftwaffe code name for a plan to destroy Soviet generating plants in the Moscow and Gorky areas in 1943. Remember also how after El Busho declared war on terrorism, U.S. officials changed the code name for its impending attack on Afghanistan to Operation Enduring Freedom. Know why? The original name, Operation Infinite Justice, was jettisoned amid fears that the Muslim world, already leery of U.S. intentions, would object on the basis of Koranic teachings that only God can provide infinite justice. Still, not willing to be outdone on the stupidity scale, we're right up there back in the U
Phew . The end of Computer Hell. I got an upgraded PC from IT yesterday. You forget after you've been using a PC for a long time just how many hacks, tweaks, apps and other little things you have running on it to make it behave more like a useful piece of kit than the nannying "you can't do that" that Bill Gates wants. It took me 30 minutes just to get Outlook 2003 (with it's Tellytubbies interface) to realise that I did actually want my contacts to be searched before the global address list. No matter how much it insisted that I didn't, I really did. In the end, I had to hack the registry to make it bend to my will. Repeat that experience for all the other things in XP that don't work, and you realise why it's taken me until 5 minutes ago to have a working PC again :-)
Holy snot! Ken Livingston has actually done something worthwhile! On the eve of Bush's visit to England, he said: “I actually think Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we’ve most probably ever seen." Hooray for Ken! Of course the politicians have waded in apologising for him, saying he's an idiot. Well that is rather the point of free speech isn't it? We are still allowed to say what we think? Or has Blair's Gestapo gotten so out of hand that they're censoring everything now?
*cough* *cough* That'll teach me to open the fireplace door when the chimney isn't hot enough to be drawing air. Apart from that, the downstairs fireplace works pretty well. Now if only the whole house didn't smell of smoke :(