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And it gets worse

The flooding potential gets worse by the day. Last day in April and we have snow on the ground. Its not a lot, but this much snow down here means another couple of feet in the mountains. Forecast for next two weeks: rain.

The Royal Wedding

Please make it stop. No - seriously - make it stop. We don't need 24/7 blanket coverage of some couple getting married. I'm not sure why royal weddings garner so much attention. I suppose it's because people nowadays seem to revel in the goings-on of celebrities but that too is something I don't understand. At it's core, this is a guy who is famous because of the family he was born into, marrying a woman who is shortly to become famous for being married to someone famous. Everyone will have a wonderful day, and there'll be tea and crumpets and the entire country will get a day off for some reason. Spirits will be raised for a couple of hours and everyone will be friends, but then shortly afterwards, reality will come crashing in and then everyone will return to their everyday lives and it will all be forgotten about. The royal wedding isn't going to solve the financial crisis, or help someone who's just lost their house, or help out the victims of the d

In terms of flooding, we're screwed.

In the grand scheme of things, you can predict some parts of the future with a fair amount of certainty. Lincoln will never make a good looking car. The Republicans will never care about anyone other than the rich. Tonight it will be dark and tomorrow it will be light. In the same fashion, it's fair to say that Utah is screwed in terms of flooding this year. The graph below shows one of the snotel sites for Utah - it doesn't matter which one - at this point in time they're all pretty much the same. The purple line shows our average snow accumulation and melt. The blue line shows the previous record high snow year, when the meltwater resulted in rivers 10ft deep flowing through the centre of the city. The green line is this year. The important thing to note here is that the green line has not yet started going down - we're still accumulating snow and this morning we're likely to get another 2ft up in the mountains. Even on the worst year, the snowmelt typically star

Tron Legacy

Well we finally got to watch Tron Legacy last night. That movie is absolutely beautiful to watch. For a Tron fan like me it was a perfect mix of story, in jokes, back references and amazing graphics. The Daft Punk soundtrack was spot on all the way through too. It was never going to set the world on fire for plot or character development but that's not what Tron is about. Plus it looks like a directed third movie could be made to finish off the story (such as it is). If you haven't seen it, you really should. Oh and don't waste your time with the 3D thing. The regular BluRay does it perfect justice.