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Nature's winter roar

Holy shit. Over an inch and a half of rain in the last 24 hours. A snow advisory in effect for 6 inches of snow down to 7000ft. I80 up towards Park City is currently in blizzard conditions and we're expecting a rain/snow mix on the benches tonight. And yesterday is was 25°C. Yes, winter is coming on strong. I love snow, but I hope we get a brief warm up again, long enough to let the trees drop their leaves. If it snows down here with all these leaves, we're in trouble. Let's not forget that technically it's still summer for another week......

But I can see the frickin refinery from here!

This is rich. Petrol prices have dropped in America over the last few weeks (that's what happens before an election). Yet here in Utah, prices have been going UP. We're now 70¢ a gallon more expensive than most of the rest of the country. The stuffed shirt on TV tonight tells me that it's because of refinery "issues" specifically that three of the five refineries in Utah are down. Wait. We have FIVE refineries? Wyoming has none and their petrol is $2.29 a gallon. I guess that $3.09-gallon stuff we have to buy must be subsidising them then.

Summer's last gasp!

Here it comes - the Utah 'winter' switch is about to be flicked. Today - 36°C - really, REALLY high for September. 29°C tomorrow. Friday 20°C with thunderstorms and snow down to 7000ft in the mountains. Saturday 14°C but check this out : saturday night 3°C. From there it goes downhill. We're looking to drop 22°C in three days. Batten down the hatches.....

BBC Censorship

The BBC "Have Your Say" page is undergoing some stringent censorship today. They posted the question "How has the world changed since the 9/11 attacks?" and invited public comment. I submitted the following, and it was rejected for being - get this - an "unsuitable" response. By which I can only assume that because I voiced an opinion that was a little unpalatable, they didn't want to publish it. This is what I wrote: Well it's unbearable to travel through airports now because of the "security" checks. People blame everything even vaguely out of the ordinary on terrorism. You can't even go up in an elevator in a tall building now without going through a metal detector. America is mired in a war based on a lie, with an increasing body count. So if their goal was to disrupt daily life and cause grief and aggrevation, I'd say the terrorists won, assisted by the reactions of the US and UK governments. Bush is running America using

5 years on, and it's now a comic book.

Only in America. The atrocity of the September 11th attacks has been turned into ---- a comic book. Yes, "famed" illustrator Ernie Colon has reduced 9/11 to a comic. I don't know who Ernie is, but frankly, if I'd lost a friend or relative on that day, to see the official 9/11 commission report turned into a comic book would be grossly offensive. This Ernie character defends it as being a "graphic novel" to explain the 9/11 commission report, but as far as I can tell, it's another cheap attempt to cash in on the events.

Schumacher leaving Ferrari

Bummer . We just finished watching the Italian Grand Prix and Schumacher announced that he's retiring at the end of this season. Given the body language of the engineers and Michael himself, my guess is Luca De Montezemolo has pushed him. It's a shame, but at least he's going out on top.