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Lightweight me.

I weighed in this morning at 202lbs - that's down exactly 70lbs since I started my weight loss thing. 2 more to go to my target, but really 3 because I want to see the first digit on the scales be a "1" instead of a "2".

Tiger Woods return - how convenient

Is it just me or does anyone else thing the whole Tiger Woods thing was incredibly convenient. I mean the story broke right at the end of golf season last year, and now, just in time for the start of the new season, he's apologising, returning to the game and his sponsors are coming back. A cynic would say the whole thing was a giant publicity stunt. Although having seen his side of the text messaging that published yesterday, it strikes me that he thinks he's a porn star rather than a golf star. In fact some of the stuff he texted would be construed as sexual assault in some places which would make him a full on sex offender. I don't know why anyone thought he was worth any of the money he was paid - he's a frickin' golfer! He hits a ball with a stick and gets paid how much? His sponsors are weak if they're coming back because of his apology. And sponsors typically aren't weak, which is another reason to suspect the whole thing was a setup to drive publici

District 9

I Netflix'd District 9 on bluray last night and it was actually a much better film than I'd hoped. I like off-the-wall sci-fi, especially stuff that's not mainstream so having seen the trailer for this last year, it looked hopeful. Finally watching it I was amazed at what a great job they'd done. Good story, reasonable acting, excellent but underplayed effects work. I thought it was an entirely believable scenario. Now off to Amazon to buy a copy.