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Why is nothing to do with PCs ever easy?

I went to uninstall the Nvidia graphics card drivers on a PC in my cube, and when it was done, discovered that the PC had an Nvidia motherboard, so it had uninstalled all the drivers for everything . Since when does a graphics card manufacturer start making motherboards? That's a really nice gotcha, Mr Nvidia. Especially for people used to installing and uninstalling graphics card drivers.

Getting close to the pentafecta.

Not a trifecta, but nearly. After England, Utah probably has the worst drivers on the planet. The magic collection of 5 things you absolutely don't want to see though? Here it is - the Utah driver's pentafecta: Asian Woman driving an SUV in Utah whilst talking on a cellphone . This morning I scored 4 out of the 5 - dopey asian woman in a silver Dodge Dakota reversed out in front of me without looking, but wasn't on a cellphone. So close.

That's gonna leave a mark.

So this is what a fractured rib feels like. Got back from the doc this evening with the bad news. There's not much they can do about it - it has to heal itself but I've got some prescription painkillers. Which I might need.

George's thought for monday.


Ski, turn, ski, turn sky ground sky ground sky ground.

Skiing today was excellent right up to the point where I wiped out big time. I'm not sure if I've bruised, cracked or broken a rib but either way, if I get into the wrong position its bloody painful. Although it wasn't painful enough to stop me continuing to ski, initially. So I racked up 4725 vertical feet today, most of those after my accident.