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I'm dreaming of a white christmas.

Mother nature performs on cue. Two days ago the forecast was for one snow shower late last night. Last night the forecast changed to snow all day today on and off, then tomorrow evening into Christmas eve, then Christmas day evening into Boxing day, then thursday and/or friday. When we got up this morning, the lake effect was in full force and this was the result. Still. At least we're not in Colorado. Where Mike G used to live in Evergreen they got 40" of snow in the last couple of days.

Emirates - the beginning of the end of flying.

I suppose it had to happen. Emirates are going to allow passengers to use cellphones on their flights next year. That's the beginning of the end, because once one airline allows it, they'll all do it. Great. So it's not bad enough that we're all shoved into low-pressure, super-dry, disease-filled flying aluminium tubes with no legroom and no food, now we're going to be forced to listen to every wanker who owns a cellphone too.? I'm sorry but it's very black and white for me. The first person that gets their cellphone out next to me on a flight is going to find it shoved up their arse. Fuck the air marshalls - if they want to arrest me that's fine because it means I'll be away from the tosser with the cellphone. I hope the airlines are ready for this, because the much-laughed-at "air rage" is going to become very real very quickly when this happens. There's no need to allow cellphones on flights. What possible benefit is it going to br

How cool is this?

Cast your mind (or click your mouse) back to December 29th 2003 when the power was out for 4 days at our house and we made a claim against Utah Power. Well we got our electric bill last night from the new Rocky Mountain Power for the last month and it showed zero owed. We looked more closely and they've applied $213 credit as "An additional goodwill payment for the storm outage in 2003". Wow. To quote Bill Engvall Now That's awesome.


3855 vertical feet : how far I ski'd today on my first day in the newly fitted boots and with my own skis and poles. It took 3 runs down Easy Street to get used to the motions again, and to find out what was different between my own skis and last year's rentals. After that it was up the moonbeam lift 5 or 6 times. I had to call it a day on the 6th run as I was starting to make stupid mistakes and my legs were getting tired. Better to try again fresh in a couple of weeks than carry on and have another yard sale like last year. The Element makes a great vehicle for getting to and from the ski resorts. It has no problem with the mountain roads and I can get all my kit inside so I don't need a roofrack or anything. Sweet.