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The Peter Wehner Memo

In case you were under any impression that the B*sh administration weren't all red-faced liars, for your delectation - a memo from Peter Wehner explaining how they need to convince the public that social security is a train wreck in order to get their policies accepted. When in fact it isn't.

A quiet, snowy night.

Last night Susan came over to watch a movie, but we started out playing DanceDanceRevolutionMax-2. We've decided host a DDRMax2 party :-) Dory was relatively quiet last night. We closed her in the kitchen and locked the cat flap. I played with her for an hour before going to bed to try to entertain her and make her tired. Seemed to work. Either that or I was so dog tired I would have slept through an air raid. Woke up this morning, and the predicted snow has truly arrived. It was showering lightly all day yesterday but there was a good 2 inches in the drive this morning. The snow blower got a good workout again :-)

B*sh donates personally to the tsunami relief fund.

Wow! B*sh has donated money from his own pocket to the tsunami relief effort. "The most important contribution a person can make is cash," B*sh said. "There's huge generosity here in America." Well, nearly. He contributed $10,000. Let's not forget that he's one of the richest people in the world, the "president" of the USA, and that Sandra Bullock donated $1million.

Training Dory?

We're trying to train Dory to sleep in the house all night. Last night she started getting active about 4:30am. At 5:30 I let her out but locked the catflap to out-only so the neighbour cat wouldn't come in. We'll see if we can do better tonight.

Snow in the forecast

Batten down the hatches me hearties. There be snow in the forecast for the valley - lots of it. A couple of inches for tomorrow, then more for the weekend, then again mid-week next week. Now we'll see if all that repair and maintenance work Utah Power did is up to anything..... Dory has made herself at home in the family room tonight. We're going to try to lock the cat flap completely tonight to keep her in all night. We'll see how it goes. If she's awake when we go to bed, she'll be invited to come and sleep on the foot of the bed.

It took B*sh 4 days to welch on his promises.

"President" B*sh, who swore during the election that he would never cut Social Security benefits and promised a magic plan to fix everything, today presents his magic plan: cutting benefits. Added to all the other thousands of lies he's told, remind me again why he's not been impeached?

Tubbers and the cat flap

It seems Tubbers, the neighbour's other cat, has finally discovered our cat flap. We found him in the kitchen this morning staring down Dory. Paula put him out and locked the cat flap to be "out-only" so he couldn't get in and he kept scratching and scratching at it. So she got out the vacuum cleaner and poked the hose out of the cat flap and turned it on. Tubbers took off, and unfortunately, Dory did too - she shot under the bed and wouldn't come out. Eventually she came around and is now frolicking in the garden. Tubbers is nowhere to be seen. Let's hope it stays that way. It's not that we don't like him - we like both the cats, but Dory is ours now and Tubbers has to learn that our house is Dory's territory, not his.